The spring season of 2022 is approaching, which means it's time to whip up a checklist for all your lawn care and maintenance needs to ensure your lawn in Indiana is as healthy as possible for the new growing season. After winter, your lawn will need spring cleanups, fertilization, weed control, liquid aeration, and lawn mowing to keep it in tip-top health. Spring cleanups ensure your lawn is free from unappealing debris that can weaken your lawn, while liquid aeration allows the roots of your grass to easily access vital resources.

Fertilization and weed control should also be on your list because these two lawn care services keep your grass nourished and protected from pesky weeds. Spring also calls for your lawn's first mow of the year, but make sure it's done properly to get favorable results. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to maintain and care for your lawn this spring.

Prepare your lawn for the new growing season with spring cleanups.

Spring cleanups help your lawn recover from the harsh winter season and refresh the appearance of your yard. With the messy lawn that the winter season leaves behind, it's best to start the year with a clean lawn by removing debris and leaves. Letting debris sit on your lawn for too long can be detrimental to the health of your grass because it can smother and weaken your grass. Removing debris helps prevent lawn diseases from happening! It also ensures there are no obstructions hindering your grass from absorbing vital nutrients so it is well-prepared to thrive for the rest of the year.

Fertilization will provide your lawn with much-needed nutrients.

Granular fertilizer in bag ready for application in Zionsville, IN.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring provides your grass with much-needed nutrients since many of its nutrients were depleted during the winter. When your grass is receiving proper fertilization, it won't have trouble flourishing in the spring and into the rest of the year.

Fertilizers are packed with nutrients that your lawn needs to flourish, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Remove pesky weeds in your lawn with weed control treatments.

Weed control is vital in the spring so your grass doesn't have to compete for nutrients and space. Pre-emergent weed control treatments in the spring do a great job at preventing weeds from sprouting their ugly heads. To ensure you get all the weeds, you should also invest in post-emergent weed control treatments to take care of any existing weeds in your lawn.

Schedule liquid aeration to ensure your grass can access much-needed resources.

Professional applying liquid aeration to lawn in Fishers, IN.

Aerating your lawn will revitalize it after receiving a heavy beating from the winter season by loosening compacted soil and allowing the roots of your grass to absorb much-needed resources like nutrients, water, air, and sunlight better. It's ideal to schedule liquid aeration in the spring to ensure your lawn is able to absorb the nutrients that it will need for the growing season.

The First Mow of The Season Keeps Your Lawn Looking Fresh

Your lawn maintenance checklist in the spring should include giving your lawn the first mow of the season to keep its appearance fresh. This makes your grass vigorous by removing the dead tips of your grass blades and signaling to the roots of your grass to shoot up healthy growth again.

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