Winter is now in the rear-view mirror, and your lawn is fresh out of dormancy. To brace for the upcoming summer months in Indiana, your grass needs to replenish its nutrients to become strong enough to endure the summer heat. Liquid aeration is one of the best ways to strengthen your lawn in the spring because it helps loosen compacted soil on your lawn, making it easier for nutrients and resources like water and sunlight to reach the roots of your grass. Some people recommend core aeration to revive your lawn in the spring, but this process is more invasive, creating additional stress on your lawn by forcing it to recover while also battling the summer heat. With liquid aeration, you avoid this issue entirely because you’re not poking holes into your lawn at all, but you’re still providing your roots with a direct passageway to the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy!

Liquid aeration can help revive your dormant grass after winter.

Professional spraying liquid aeration to lawn in Carmel, IN.

During winter dormancy, you'll see your grass change from green to brown. It goes to sleep to protect itself from the seasonal elements. Instead of focusing on growth, it focuses on survivability. To ease your lawn out of winter dormancy, it needs essential nutrients to revitalize itself when it wakes up. This is where liquid aeration comes in. Liquid aeration will help your lawn access the essential nutrients that it needs to successfully emerge from winter dormancy. The specific formula dives deep into your soil to break the bonds between the molecules and loosen compacted soil, creating passageways for nutrients and other essential resources. And when these nutrients reach your lawn’s root system, it allows your grass to establish deeper roots in your soil to strengthen them.

You should choose liquid aeration in spring instead of core aeration.

When you consider aerating your lawn, you have two options presented to you: core aeration and liquid aeration. With core aeration, a machine travels across your lawn to dig up small 2–3-inch holes in your lawn. Liquid aeration, however, is much easier to apply to your lawn. It is just sprayed on top of your lawn to reach the same end goal. They both loosen compacted soil and allow your lawn to receive those essential nutrients to help revitalize it after winter dormancy.

The main reason liquid aeration is preferred in the spring is that it’s far less invasive than core aeration. With core aeration, your lawn will be filled with puncture marks that it will need to recover from. As the summer heat approaches, you don't want your lawn to be dealing with the heat and trying to recover from the stress of core aeration at the same time. By having liquid aeration done instead, you’re still forming those passageways in your soil without creating holes in your lawn, making it the ideal method to better prepare your lawn for the upcoming summer months.

Liquid aeration can strengthen your grass for the warm summer months.

Luscious grass from liquid aeration service from Precision Cutz in Fishers, IN.

Cool-season grass has a hard time adapting to the warmer weather of summer. If not cared for properly, you may find your grass turning brown and going dormant in response to the heat. After the winter season, your lawn needs time to grow and recover from the harsher, colder weather it had to endure. By using liquid aeration in the spring, you allow air, water, and essential nutrients to easily find their way to your lawn's roots. This, in turn, makes your grass stronger during the spring season and better prepared to tackle the upcoming summer months.

Oxygen is vital to your grass’s growth. Roots require oxygen to grow and absorb essential nutrients and water, which is why liquid aeration is integral to strengthening your lawn!

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