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Several grubs uncovered in the dirt on a property in Westfield, IN.
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Protect your lawn from the threat of grubs with our grub control service.

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Grub Control Service in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, IN & Surrounding Cities

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A grub found in a landscape bed on a property in Whitestown, IN.

If left unchecked, grubs can wreak havoc on even healthy lawns – but our grub control service will get ahead of them before they get a chance. Our preventative treatment will break the life cycle of grubs, preventing eggs from hatching so that no grubs ever reach your grass. This treatment is applied from late May to late July to catch them at the right time in their reproduction for maximum effectiveness. We house this service in a lawn care program alongside fertilization and weed control to encourage exceptional all-around lawn health!

Our company provides preventative grub control to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and surrounding cities in Indiana. Call our team at 317-965-7868 today to get your quote!

We offer preventative grub control to proactively get ahead of infestations.

In our 5 years of experience, we've seen time and time again that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For this reason, we believe in getting ahead of grubs with proactive treatments that prevent them from ever getting an opportunity to harm your lawn rather than waiting until they're already munching their way through your grass. Our preventative treatments will control the grub population lurking beneath the soil, putting a stop to their reproductive cycles before the eggs hatch and fend off the infestation from getting a foothold in your lawn.

Not only will our professional grub control eliminate grubs before they get started, but you'll also be saving yourself future headaches caused by a rampant infestation that needs a curative treatment. Even when that is squashed, your lawn will then need recovery support, set back in its growth by grub damage. Instead, with our preventative treatments, there are no grub hiccups in the road for your lawn to overcome and instead, it can just continue to flourish uninterrupted by grubs throughout the seasons!

If you've had grub problems in the past, it's especially important to schedule our preventative treatment to avoid a recurring issue!

We'll apply the preventative grub control treatment from late May to late July.

For our preventative treatments to be as effective as possible, we are diligent about the timing of our grub control application. It's imperative we catch grubs in the sweet spot of their life cycle once they've laid eggs, but before those eggs have hatched. For our area, that window is typically open from late May to late July, but we keep our finger on the pulse of temperature changes or other environmental factors that could shift that timeframe so that we're never caught off guard. With grubs handled in their earliest stages of development, the problem will be taken care of before you even see them!

Our preventative grub control is housed in a lawn care program that includes fertilization and weed control!

Weed control treatment applied to lawn in Fishers, IN.

We don't believe in doing anything halfway, so our preventative grub control is housed alongside our fertilization and weed control services for full-package lawn care. This program will encompass six rounds of treatments, nourishing your grass with nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that encourage vibrant green color, strong root development, and resilience to health threats like drought and disease. We'll simultaneously combat weeds that are trying to position themselves on your lawn, utilizing both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications so that no matter what stage the weeds are in, we have an answer. This program nurtures your grass and keeps weeds and grubs at bay so that it can grow unhindered by these challenges!

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At Precision Cutz Lawn Care, we're committed to doing what's best for your lawn. That means always pushing ourselves to provide bigger and better services that produce high-quality results for you – and that's what we love doing! We're never going to become complacent about what we do, and it's this driving, neverending motivation that has allowed us to help so many lawns thrive. Our services are available to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Carmel, IN and nearby cities like Fishers and Westfield. If you're in the area and ready to bolster your lawn's defenses, call our team at 317-965-7868 today to schedule your preventative grub control treatment today!

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