Installing mulch in your landscape beds provides various health and aesthetic benefits. However, you need to replenish it regularly so your plants can make the most out of this ground cover. Mulch breaks down and decomposes over time. While it's a natural process, being covered in snow during the winter can deplete the mulch on your landscape beds. Refreshing it will prevent your landscape beds from looking bare and messy.

The drastic temperature change that happens in Indiana when seasons change from winter to spring can be harmful to your plants. When the mulch is thick enough, you can rest easy knowing your plants are safe from this temperature change. Another reason why you need to replenish mulch in the spring is to prevent weeds from emerging as it is can smother weeds and prevent them from growing. Learn more about mulch and how your landscape beds and plants will benefit from regularly replenishing it.

1. Mulch breaks down over time and needs to be replenished.

Barrel of mulch ready for installation in landscape bed in Carmel, IN.

If your landscape beds are filled with mulch, you can expect that it will eventually break down over the course of the winter. You'll need to replenish your mulch in the spring so your landscape plants can continually reap its health benefits. Additionally, your landscape beds may look bare when you don't refresh your mulch. This can create an impression that your property is messy and not well-maintained.

When mulch breaks down, it releases essential nutrients back to the soil that can help boost your plant's growth.

2. Mulch protects your soil from drastic temperature changes.

Gloved professional adding mulch to landscape bed before season change in Fishers, IN.

One of the primary benefits of refreshing mulch on your landscape beds is to protect your plant roots from severe temperatures. This is crucial because the drastic temperature change as the winter season transitions into spring can take a toll on them. Mulch protects your plants from sudden changes in temperature by insulating the roots and providing a steady and stable environment for them.

When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, your plants will have enough time to warm up as well. Replenishing your mulch helps your plants slowly adapt to the new temperature, so they don't get shocked by the new weather conditions that can disrupt their natural process of breaking out of dormancy. Refreshing your mulch also helps retain soil moisture which helps prevent your plants from drying out in the summer.

3. Prevent weed growth in the spring by replenishing your mulch.

Gloved professional pulling out a weed grown through old mulch in Zionsville, IN.

Your plants need a lot to flourish, and weeds aren't part of it. The spring season provides ideal growing conditions not only for your landscape plants but also for unwanted weeds. An effective way to prevent weeds from growing and taking over your landscape beds is to replenish mulch in the spring. Here's how mulch keeps your landscape beds weed-free:

  • Mulch is a natural weed barrier. It prevents weeds from coming into contact with the soil.
  • Mulch deprives weed seeds of sunlight which is crucial to their growth.
  • A layer of mulch that is thick enough will also prevent weeds from acquiring other essential resources like light and water.

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