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We offer mulch and rock installation for properties in the Carmel, Fishers, and Westfield areas.

Add mulch or rock to improve the health of your landscape beds and set your property apart.

Before and after landscape renovation in Carmel, Indiana.

The landscape beds on your property look good when the soil is weed-free and freshly groomed. But if you want to take them from good to great, then adding mulch or rock is the best choice you can make. Installing one of these ground coverings improves the health of your landscape beds and sets your property apart visually, as it creates a refined and manicured appearance.

At Precision Cutz Lawn Care, we proudly offer our first-class mulch and rock installation services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, IN, and surrounding areas with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call 317-965-7868 today to get a quote!

Our Mulch & Rock Installation Options

At Precision Cutz Lawn Care, we offer multiple mulch and rock installation options for your residential, commercial, or HOA property. If you prefer mulch, we have black mulch, brown mulch, and natural hardwood mulch available. Many property owners in the Carmel, IN area like black mulch because of how it complements surrounding vegetation and looks clean.

As for rocks, river rock and lava rock are the two most popular options to apply to your landscape beds. River rock comes in an array of soothing, neutral colors, while lava rock is primarily red and black. If you need help choosing the best option for your property, our team of professionals will guide you through the selection process.

We install mulch and rock with precision and meticulousness.

We want you to reap the maximum benefit when you add mulch and rock ground coverings to your landscape beds. That's why we install them with precision and meticulousness. Before we start the mulch and rock installation process, we remove weeds and other debris from your landscape beds and smooth the soil.

We then spread the ideal amount of mulch or rock so that your soil isn't undercovered or overcovered. Using too much ground covering material can damage your soil and surrounding plant life, while using too little can limit the impact of mulch and rock in your landscape beds. To ensure the best possible outcome for your property, we spread mulch by hand 99% of the time.

When is the best time to install mulch and rock?

The best time to install mulch and rock ground coverings is in the spring, as your landscape is reawakening from the winter. Mulch and rock help create hospitable growing environments for your shrubs, plants, and trees, so you want them to be in place by the time warmer weather rolls around. Mulch and rock installation is a great service to pair with our comprehensive spring yard cleanups, which we offer from March to June and include dead plant removal, debris removal, and shrub trimming.

You should replenish mulch annually and rocks semi-annually to sustain their impact on the health and appearance of your landscape beds.

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The Benefits of Mulch and Rock Ground Coverings

Landscape bed mulch installation near Zionsville, IN.

Mulch and rock ground coverings provide many benefits that make them worthwhile investments. In addition to giving your property a refined, manicured appearance, they also improve the health of your landscape beds by:

  • Preventing weed growth: Weeds are unbecoming pests that take oxygen, water, and nutrients away from other plants.
  • Helping your soil retain moisture: Your vegetation does better when more water is available for absorption.
  • Regulating soil temperature: Ground coverings insulate your soil and protect your plants in extreme temperatures.
  • Stopping soil erosion: Mulch and rock improve drainage and prevent soil from washing away.

Let us install mulch or rock ground coverings on your property!

If you want to give your landscape beds a boost and enhance your property's overall appearance, then let us install mulch or rock ground coverings. This is a simple decision that will make a big impact on your landscape beds' health and overall curb appeal. We offer professional rock and mulch installation services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, IN, and nearby areas. We are so confident you will be pleased with our work that we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today at 317-965-7868 to get a quote!

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