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Trimming & Pruning Services in & Around Carmel, Fishers & Westfield, IN

We provide trimming and pruning services to keep your plants healthy and encourage new growth!

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At Precision Cutz Lawn Care, we provide both trimming and pruning services. These are both necessary forms of maintenance and care, and your vegetation will thank you! We offer our trimming and pruning services as part of our spring cleanups or they can stand alone as a service we offer in the summer and fall.

Our team is skilled, and can trim and prune plants that are commonly found in Indiana like burning bushes, yews, and more! Our trimming and pruning services are available in and around the Carmel, IN area, and in nearby areas like Fishers and Westfield. Feel free to give us a call today at 317-965-7868 to sign up for this service!

Our Trimming Schedule

We believe that trimming should be performed throughout the year to scale back the overgrowth of your vegetation and to give it an overall neat and well-maintained appearance. This is the perfect way to improve the aesthetic of your property and plants. In Indiana, there are a few times each year when trimming should take place, and those times are in the spring, summer, and fall.

We can put your plants on a schedule to be trimmed once in the summer and again in the fall so that they are not hindered by scruffy growth. We also include trimming as part of our spring cleanups! This service involves trimming your shrubs, hedges, and other plants once in the spring in order to keep up with their heavy spring growth.

Our spring cleanups also involve dead plant removal as well as stick and leaf removal!

Our Pruning Schedule

Knowing when the right time to have your plants pruned is important since it not only helps with the appearance of your plants but also is an important part of keeping your plants healthy. We offer pruning as part of our spring cleanup service as well as a separate service in the summer and fall. When our team is performing our pruning service, whether individually or as part of our spring cleanup, we will examine your vegetation to identify areas of disease, insect infestations, and other issues, and then cut those pieces away. Once your plants are on a good pruning schedule, they will be in a good position to stay healthy throughout the year.

We can trim and prune boxwoods, burning bushes, yews, and more!

Well maintained and trimmed burning bushes in a yard near Carmel, IN.

All vegetation requires different levels of trimming and pruning to grow its best. We can assess your plants and tailor our services to fit their specific needs. Our team is skilled and can trim and prune all sorts of plants in Indiana, including:

  • Boxwoods
  • Burning bushes
  • Yews
  • And more!

We offer a 100% ironclad guarantee on all our services! If you are not happy, we are committed to fixing it to make sure you're completely satisfied.

Call us today to get on a trimming and pruning schedule!

Our team of professionals understands how to trim and prune vegetation in Indiana to help it look and grow its best. Our services are available to properties in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield and nearby areas in Indiana. Give us a call today at 317-965-7868 to get your property on a regular trimming and pruning schedule. We offer these services individually in the summer and fall, or as part of our spring cleanup service!

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