As a property owner, you never want to see pests roaming around your property. Yet, if you're in Carmel, IN, you may have already noticed that there's no shortage of armyworms, ants, billbugs, spiders, or other pests as they can seemingly show up anywhere.

One challenge many property owners face is that they often don't notice these pesky critters until after they've grown into large colonies. This begs the question, "where are these pests hiding"? They know exactly where to go to avoid detection: messy gutters, beneath leaf piles, and in overgrown brush or weeds in your landscape beds.

1. Pests love to hide in gutters.

If your gutters contain damp leaves, pine needles, twigs, or other debris, there's a good chance that pests are using this area as a hideout. If you haven't cleaned your gutters recently, it could be housing a variety of different pests, including armyworms, ants, billbugs, spiders, and more.

Many lawn maintenance professionals recommend cleaning your gutters at least one to two times a year. Most pros clean your gutters by scaling a ladder and manually removing the debris by hand.

The best time to have your gutters cleaned is in the spring and fall as this is when they are most likely to become clogged.

2. Leaf piles are a favorite hideout for many pests.

Cluster of fall leaves on a lawn near Carmel, IN.

As leaves pile up on your lawn, they become damp and attract pests. They like the shelter, warmth, and moisture that thick piles of fallen leaves provide. When pests like ants or armyworms find suitable leaf piles, they use them for breeding. Property owners who don't take the proper preemptive measures when it comes to their leaf piles could end up with a serious pest infestation.

The best way to avoid a serious pest problem in your lawn is to schedule a leaf removal service with a professional lawn maintenance company. Many professional companies will rake or blow your leaves and then cart them away for you. In instances where the leaves have already been put in piles, some companies will even vacuum those for you.

It is best to remove your leaf piles before the snow begins to fall to avoid other issues such as lawn disease.

3. Pests also like hiding in the overgrown brush or weeds in your landscape beds.

One of the more overlooked areas that pests love to hide in is the overgrown brush or weeds in your landscape beds. This type of environment is perfect for chinch bugs, spiders, ants, and other insects that prefer doing their damage under the cover of shade that tall brush or weeds often provide. Some pests use weeds or brush both as a form of food and shelter.

You can eliminate this little-known bug shelter by having a professional trim the plants in your landscape beds and remove any weeds from them. Plant trimming and weed removal also offers the added benefit of improving your property's curb appeal.

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