Is it okay for property owners in Carmel, IN to skip leaf removal this fall? The answer is no. While a few leaves in your yard may not cause major issues, a heavy accumulation of leaves on your property only causes problems. These problems can include smothering your grass, creating an inviting breeding ground for pesky creepy crawlers, and causing lawn diseases.

Rather than risk any of these threats to your lawn, you'd be much better off seeking the assistance of a lawn maintenance company. An experienced maintenance crew, such as ours, can remove your leaf piles before they present bigger challenges.

Ignoring leaf piles can smother your grass.

Property owners in Carmel, IN see a substantial number of falling leaves in autumn. We understand the temptation to turn your head and look the other way! However, allowing leaves to accumulate on your lawn usually does more harm than good.

Old leaf piles can smother your grass, limiting your lawn's ability to receive water, sunlight, and essential nutrients. This, on top of the snow your lawn will also receive throughout the winter, might result in unpleasant surprises in the spring. If you've managed to keep your property well-manicured throughout the year, ignoring your leaf piles may not be worth the risk of saying goodbye to all of that hard work.

A professional leaf removal service will help keep your grass healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Old leaf mounds create a breeding ground for insects.

Chinch bugs found in yard debris near Fishers, Indiana.

In addition to smothering grass, damp leaf accumulation may also lead to your lawn becoming a breeding ground for pesky insects. Leaf piles are attractive to a host of annoying bugs.

While not all are bugs and insects are dangerous to your lawn, some are. Keeping up with your leaf removal will remove these breeding grounds and keep your property safe from the following pests that are common in our area:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Chinch bugs
  • Armyworms
  • Spiders
  • Dampwood termites

If the insects have already become a problem on your lawn, you may also want to have a professional lawn care team like ours exterminate these pests before the problem snowballs.

Old leaf piles can encourage lawn diseases like red thread and brown patch.

Allowing leaves to pile up could also invite disease and fungal infections to your lawn. Two that are common among lawns in the Carmel area are red thread and brown patch.

  • Red Thread - Red thread can spread quickly throughout your lawn. It shows up in the form of pinkish/red spots throughout your grass and can be very unsightly. It is important to call a professional team like ours to get rid of the disease before it causes other issues.
  • Brown Patch - Brown patch is a lawn disease caused by Rhizoctonia fungi. This yard fungus is attracted to areas with poor airflow such as damp leaf piles. If you notice yellow rings on your lawn that turn brown in the spring and summer, it's likely brown patch disease. Most lawn care professionals treat this lawn illness with fungicide applications.

Our leaf removal services can preserve and protect your lawn. Call us to schedule today!

Don't let your leaf piles get the best of your lawn this fall. Hire our leaf removal specialists instead and we can do the heavy lifting for you. We've been helping property owners in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and the surrounding areas in IN since 2017 and would be happy to help you as well!

We can remove your leaves in one go during November or December. Alternatively, we can perform two separate removals - the first in November and the second in December. If you're looking for maximum curb appeal, you can even get our leaf removal services in conjunction with our fall yard cleanup service. Contact us today at 317-965-7868 to schedule our services. Your lawn will thank you later!