Fleas and ticks are nuisances in any lawn and landscape, hitching a ride on our beloved furry family members and wreaking havoc from there. It can be difficult to figure out when and how to prevent a pest takeover, but there are key guidelines you can follow to help thwart their efforts. In Indiana, flea and tick season begins in March and doesn't end until December. Because of how long the season is, one treatment alone won't cover you the whole year, so you'll want to reapply every 4-5 weeks as that is how long typical treatments are effective for. Signing up for a professional flea and tick program will make your life 10x easier, knowing that treatment is being properly applied on schedule to your property.

When is flea and tick season in Indiana?

Filled gray tick on ridged leaf near Fishers, IN.

Parasites like fleas and ticks become more active in warmer weather. Their sweet spot is around the 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit range, but they can survive in both colder and warmer temperatures. Spring and summer are the most common seasons for fleas and ticks to pose a problem in most areas. Because of our climate, in Indiana, flea and tick season begins in March and doesn't end until December. That essentially means we must wage a 10-month battle against these parasites to keep them out of our homes and off our pets!

Fleas and ticks require high humidity levels to thrive – around 70 percent humidity – so Indiana is an ideal zone for them.

Why is one treatment not enough to prevent a flea and tick issue?

Professional spraying flea and tick pest control treatment near Westfield, IN.

Since we have such a long flea and tick season, there is no one-and-done treatment to prevent these pests from becoming an issue in your lawn and landscape. A typical flea and tick control treatment will last approximately 4-5 weeks, so you'll need to have multiple treatments applied to your yard throughout the year to effectively keep your property free of these pests. It's essential to spray your property before the last treatment fully wears off, or you may be too late for preventative application and might need to move to a pest control method instead.

Shaded areas in your lawn and landscape can provide solace from direct sunlight for fleas and ticks.

Sign Up for a Professional Flea & Tick Program to Make Life Easy

There's a lot to keep track of in life already without worrying about reapplication of a flea and tick treatment. Signing up for a professional flea and tick program will simplify the process. You won't need to worry about remembering treatments or how long it's been since you last applied one. Hiring professionals will also let you rest easy, knowing that the right product is being applied in the right amount and at the right time to every inch of your property, which can all be tricky factors to figure out without experience. Professionals will also be able to combine this treatment schedule with any other seasonal or area-specific treatments that can further bolster your lawn's health.

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