Now that the warmer months are upon us in Indiana, mosquitoes will become more active as they begin to travel in droves. If you notice mosquitoes becoming a problem on your property, then you should schedule mosquito control treatments to reduce their population so you can spend time outside without constantly being bitten. But if you have pets, then it’s important to take extra precautions to keep them safe from any of the insecticides that may be used to treat your lawn.

When scheduling a mosquito treatment, you'll want to communicate with your lawn care provider, so you’ll know what time they’ll arrive at your property. Doing so will allow you to keep your pets inside while they treat your property. You'll want to understand the differences between the various products used to treat your lawn. If a liquid mosquito control treatment is applied to your lawn, your pets can safely use your yard again as soon as the product dries. Granular products, on the other hand, may take at least 24 hours before being absorbed into your lawn. You also want to check with your lawn care provider about the chemicals they use when treating your lawn for mosquitoes. Each chemical is different, and your lawn care professional will be able to inform you of what precautions you need to take to keep your pets safe!

Make sure your mosquito treatment provider notifies you when they plan to arrive at your property.

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When you speak to a mosquito treatment provider, they should notify you when they plan to arrive at your property. This will allow you to take the proper precautions to protect your pets. You'll need to make sure your pets stay inside during the treatment to keep them safe from the chemicals being used to treat your lawn.

Remove any toys, outside beddings, and food and water dishes from the areas being treated so the treatment doesn't get on them!

How long should you wait before your pets can safely go outside after a mosquito treatment?

After the pesticides are applied, you should not release your pets back outside just yet. The waiting period is contingent upon the type of product used. If your treatment provider uses a liquid mosquito treatment, you'll want to wait for it to dry before your lawn is usable again. Multiple factors can affect how long it takes to dry, such as the amount being used and the chemical itself. Typically, it only takes about an hour or so for liquid products to dry. If your treatment provider uses a granular mosquito treatment, then you’ll have to wait around 24 hours before you can let your pets out onto your lawn.

Double-check with your mosquito treatment provider about their product's safety precautions.

While the guidelines presented above are important to keep in mind when considering mosquito treatment services, you always want to double-check with the lawn care provider treating your property. Inform them that you have pets and ask them about the product they’re using. They should tell you about the safety measures you should take based on the product they use, such as how long you should wait before you can let your pets back out onto your lawn. This is important because the product they use may have specific safety precautions from the manufacturer. It's always best to prioritize your pet's safety by being as informed as possible!

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Mosquitos are becoming more active as temperatures rise in Indiana. At Precision Cutz Lawn Care, we use a backpack sprayer to service your property once a month from April until November, making sure to apply our mosquito control treatment to areas where they are known to congregate. If you have any pets, our team of experts will also inform you of the safety precautions you should follow. If you're in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, or in one of the surrounding areas in Indiana, then call us at 317-965-7868 to schedule our mosquito control service!