Mosquitos are probably one of the most unpopular creatures, even among people who generally appreciate wildlife. No one wants a mosquito-filled yard – but we might have things on our property that roll out the red carpet and invite the mosquitos in to stay. Standing water from ponds, birdbaths, or pet water bowls can create breeding spots for mosquitos to take advantage of. Leaf piles also provide solace for mosquitos from the wind, their #1 enemy. Clogged gutters and drains result in more standing water, which mosquito eggs need to hatch and grow.

To ensure you can enjoy the beautiful summers we have here in Indiana mosquito-free, keep leaf piles, clogged gutters, and drains clean. Bubblers can help ponds from being stagnant which will deter mosquitos, and if you frequently refresh pet bowls and birdbaths, mosquito eggs will not have a chance to develop.

Mosquitos Will Use Standing Water as a Nursery

Mosquitoes found in water in property in Carmel, IN.

Once a female mosquito has eaten, she will search for somewhere to lay eggs. Primarily, she will either look for an area that floods or for stagnant water. The larvae that hatch from the eggs will hang near the water's surface and eat algae, fungi, and similar microorganisms. This makes ponds, pet water bowls, birdbaths, and even the collection of rainwater on top of your garbage cans areas that mosquitos will scope out and want to use as a nursery.

Regular maintenance should keep these areas of your property clear of standing water and mosquito eggs. By installing a bubbler in your pond, the water will not be stagnant enough to draw the attention of a mosquito. Refreshing the water in pet water bowls and birdbaths will keep any eggs from completing a life cycle and moving on to the pupae stage.

Leaf Piles Are a Sanctuary From the Wind for Mosquitos

Many people don't realize, but the #1 enemy of a mosquito is the wind. Because they are so small, even the smallest breeze can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a mosquito to fly, so they seek solace from breezes wherever they can. This makes leaf piles a sanctuary for them! The more leaf piles there are, the more places they can congregate safely in a yard without the threat of being knocked around.

Most mosquitoes stay around the place they were born, so it is imperative to take preventative measures before they hatch or lay eggs on your property.

Clogged Gutters & Drains Provide Food & Shelter for Mosquito Eggs

Clogged gutter at a home in Carmel, IN.

Not only do clogged gutters and drains make way for more standing water on your property, which we know mosquitos love to lay eggs in, but they also provide food. The decaying organic plant material clogging up the drains will break down and serve as nutritious food to the larvae and pupae hatched there. With food and shelter all provided in one convenient location, having clogged gutters and drains will result in increased mosquito activity around your property – not to mention the many other bugs like ants, spiders, and more that feel the same way.

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