With winter in full swing here in Indiana, your to-do list of lawn care and maintenance has likely dwindled to nearly nothing. Take advantage of this lull – it's the perfect time for you to plan your dream landscape so that you can begin right away in spring! Start with your landscape beds. Do you want to refresh your existing beds, install entirely new ones, or both – you'll be surprised at the impact this update can have! Next, you'll want to select the plants you want, considering their placement and eventual size to avoid crowding, as well as their cohesion with the plants next to them. Finally, pick your ground cover to help intercept weeds and prevent soil erosion. If you take these things into consideration when planning your dream landscape, you should be ready to go when spring arrives.

Refreshing or Installing New Landscape Beds Adds Curb Appeal

Landscaper planting bed near Zionsville, IN.

The best starting point is to consider your landscape beds. Here are some questions to think about:

  • For existing beds, what kind of refresh do they need?
  • Are there any areas missing beds that would benefit from them?
  • If you have no beds currently, where would be the best place to install them?
  • What style would best suit your property?

Landscape beds are an element that makes your landscaping feel intentional – you'll be surprised at how much it adds to the aesthetic of your space and overall curb appeal. The difference will be immediate and have a huge positive impact, and especially if you're installing brand new beds, it'll wow your neighbors!

Consider Plant Color, Placement, & Size Before Planting

Colorful flower beds near Fishers, IN.

The next step is to carefully select plants for the landscape beds. There are many things to consider at this stage, but near the top of the list will be the aesthetics of the plants. Think about what colors the leaves and flowers will be, and choose a palette that blends well to add cohesion to the space.

You'll also want to consider where the plants are placed and their eventual size to prevent overcrowding in your landscape bed as the plants grow. With proper placement, they'll have enough space to grow healthy and strong without much overlapping.

Make sure that the location of the landscape bed gets the appropriate amount of sunlight for the plants to thrive.

Ground Cover Adds Cohesion & Prevents Weed Growth

Placing mulch near Carmel, IN.

Ground cover is imperative to any landscape bed, intercepting weed growth and preventing soil erosion. For mulch, the most common color is black, which makes the colors of your plants pop. Other common color options are brown or natural hardwood, adding a more rustic aesthetic to the landscape. Or you can opt for rock as your ground cover, utilizing something like river rock or lava rock. By using the same ground cover across multiple beds, you bring a lot of cohesion to the property as a whole. It gives your eye a stable element to rest on as you take in all the beautiful plants in the space, increasing its curb appeal.

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