Mowing your lawn is an important part of maintaining your turf and keeping it healthy. However, many property owners here in Indiana aren't sure when to perform the first mow of the year following the harsh winter season. There isn't a set time when you should start mowing your lawn again, but there are a few guidelines. You should wait until the weather has warmed up enough so that you won't damage your grass by mowing it. You should also wait until all the snow has melted and your grass is completely dry. Finally, you should follow the 1/3 rule and only mow your grass when it is long enough.

Make sure that the weather is warm enough.

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Before you perform the first mow of the year, you should make sure that the weather has warmed up enough. It is important to wait to cut your grass until temperatures have been consistently hitting at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you mow your lawn while your grass is still frozen or frosted over, it can actually harm your grass; when a heavy object (like your lawn mower) presses down on frozen blades of grass, it can break the blades, which can cause noticeable damage to your lawn. So, be sure to wait until temperatures have increased enough so that you can mow your grass without harming it.

Make sure that your grass is completely dry.

If your grass is still wet from melted snow, it is not the best time to perform the first mow of the year. Mowing your lawn while it's wet can actually damage your grass or cause you to cut your grass unevenly. Also, if you mow your grass while it's still wet, the grass clippings will clump and act as piles of debris on your lawn, which can attract pests and lawn diseases. Damp grass blades can even get stuck in your mower and cause it to overheat. Overall, it's important to be patient and wait for your grass to dry completely before mowing it for the first time this year.

You should also follow these guidelines before string trimming or edging your property.

Make sure that your grass is long enough.

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Before you mow your lawn for the first time this year, you should make sure that your grass is long enough. The golden rule of lawn mowing is the 1/3 rule; this rule instructs you to remove no more than 1/3 of your grass blades in a single mowing session. Here in Indiana, the ideal height of a lawn is about 3 inches tall. So, to follow the 1/3 rule, you would need to wait to mow your lawn until after your grass reaches around 4 and a half inches tall. Following this rule is important because it protects your grass from damage and encourages healthy growth. Cutting your grass too short will limit its vital nutrient supply, which is especially harmful to your grass in the spring because it is coming out of winter dormancy and needs those nutrients. Do your grass a favor and wait until it's long enough before mowing it for the first time this year.

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